Reservation/Cancellation Policy

Park Motel
3126 Kingston Road, Toronto ON, M1M 1P2
Toll Free Number: 1-800-955-7241
Phone: 416-261-7241 ext.0; Fax: 416-261-7243

Reservation Policy:
  • We highly recommend that you make reservation prior to arrival to Park Motel especially during weekends, holidays, and high-season period to insure your accommodations. All reservations secured by valid credit card. You will be required to provide the front desk with your credit card which matches the credit card used for your reservation. You must be twenty one (21) years or older to rent a room at the Park Motel; photo ID is required at time of check-in. A travel passport or a driver's license is accepted as a valid photo id only.

  • Your reservation requests do not constitute a reservation until you are contacted by us and secured by valid credit card. All requests and inquiries will be responded by email only.

  • All room rates are based on one person per room per night and are determined by dates requested, room type, and subject to availability. Each extra person $5 more added, $10 for Jacuzzi room. The maximum number of persons allowed in a room with one double size bed is 1, in a room with one queen bed is 2. The maximum number of persons allowed in a room with two double beds is 4, parents and 2 kids. All rates are subject to taxes. Rates may change without notice. Holiday period rates may be slightly higher.
Cancellation Policy:
  • The Park Motel has a three (3) day prior to arrival cancellation policy. If you notify us that you are canceling your reservation at least 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival, your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel within the 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival, you will be charged $25.00 + 1 night charge for a multiple night stay. All early departures fall within our cancellation policy. A cancellation fee of $15.00 per day will be charged on all early departures days. All cancellations must be made by email at least three days prior to your scheduled arrival in order to confirm your cancellation by our front desk manager.
Room Payment/Advance Payment:
  • Park Motel does not accept prepay vouchers reservations. In addition, Park Motel does not accept money orders or cashiers checks as form of payment. Room charges are paid at registration or by 11 noon (11:00AM) in advance of each subsequent night's stay.

  • Payment may be made with cash, debit card, traveler's check or with major credit card (MasterCard, VISA or American Express). Park Motel does not accept any type of prepaid credit card. Park Motel does not accept 3rd Party Credit Card payments. Advance payments may be made with cash, credit card, or traveler's check. Checks (personal, business or organization) must be received 21 days prior to the arrival date.
Check-in and Check-out Dates:
  • You may book up to 2 months in advance, based on availability. Maximum number of days that you may book is 28. All guests registering must be 21 years of age or older and must present photo identification upon check-in. Payment for your accommodations required at check-in with accepted credit card, debit card or cash.

  • We guarantee the reservation only for the number of days requested. For additional days of stay please make arrangement with the motel management. Check-in time for all reservations is 3:00 PM; Check-out time 11:00 AM. We hold the reservation till requested time of arrival plus 2 hours.
General Policy:
  • You must be twenty one (21) years or older to rent a room at the Park Motel and a valid photo id (driver's license or passport) will be required at time of check-in. In accordance to Local Laws, the Park Motel has a zero tolerance policy in which it will refuse to admit or refuse service or accommodation in the motel or may remove a person who: while on the premises of the motel acts in an obviously intoxicated or disorderly manner, destroys or threatens to destroy motel property, or causes or threatens to cause a public disturbance; or refuses or is unable to pay for the accommodations or services. A person who negligently or intentionally causes damage to the motel or any furniture or furnishings within the motel, shall be liable for damages sustained by the innkeeper, including the motel's loss of revenue resulting from the inability to rent or lease rooms while the damage is being repaired. Smoking in non-smoking rooms subject to cleaning fee charge. The Park Motel may limit the number of persons who may occupy a particular guest room in the motel and will only allow registered guests to use its facilities. All the visitors should check with front desk. No visitors allowed after 10:00 PM.
  • The management reserves the rights to modify and amend its policies at anytime without notice.